New Nut Goodie® Latte Brings Together Minnesota Companies, Legendary Flavors

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Dunn Brothers Holiday Beverages

Two national, Twin Cities-based brands mark milestone anniversaries with a new twist on a classic candy

Minneapolis, Nov. 5, 2012 – Coffee and candy connoisseurs have something new to savor, thanks to today’s debut of the Nut Goodie Latte from Dunn Bros Coffee. Inspired by Pearsons Candy Company’s iconic Nut Goodie candy bar, the limited-time, holiday drink combines milk chocolate, peanut and creamy maple flavors with Dunn Brothers’ signature espresso and hand-steamed milk.

“Both Dunn Brothers and Pearson Candy Co. have set a high bar for quality since they were founded 25 and 100 years ago, respectively,” says Kim Plahn, president and CFO, Dunn Bros Coffee Franchising, Inc. “Fans of both brands know they can expect uncompromising quality with fresh premium ingredients and rich flavors, and we feel the new Nut Goodie Latte really delivers on that promise. And of course the red and green signature colors are a natural fit with the holidays!” said Plahn. The launch of the Nut Goodie latte is the second chapter in an ongoing partnership that started earlier this year when Pearsons Candy Co. and Dunn Brothers partnered for a “Dunn Goodie coffee break” event to raise money for the Pacer Center.

In addition to the Nut Goodie Latte, Dunn Brothers’ holiday beverage line will feature traditional favorites including the Gingerbread White Chocolate Mocha, Mint Mocha and Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate. Dunn Brothers stores will also sell limited-edition Nut Goodie Anniversary tins featuring the original Nut Goodie design from 1912, and with six individually wrapped Nut Goodie candy bars inside.

“We were pleased to partner with Dunn Brothers again to celebrate the rich histories of Nut Goodie and Dunn Brothers. The Nut Goodie Latte offers a new take on the 100-year-old Minnesota original just in time for the nostalgia-filled holiday season,” says Michael Keller, president and CEO, Pearson Candy Company. “The flavor of the drink really captures the essence of the original Nut Goodie in an exciting new way!”

About Pearson Candy Company
Pearson Candy Company, currently in St. Paul, Minn., was founded in 1909 by P. Edward Pearson with the assistance of his two brothers John Albert and Oscar F. Pearson. Over the years they created iconic candy creations like Nut Goodie (1912) and Salted Nut Roll (1933). In 1961, the Pearson brothers acquired Mint Patties and in 1998, the Bun Cluster Bar line. In 2011, Brynwood Partners, a private equity firm, acquired Pearson Candy Company and set the stage for investment and growth. For more information on the history of Pearson Candy Company, visit


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