Ed and Dan Dunn refused to open just another coffee shop.

They wanted to set an entirely new standard for coffee: fanatic about freshness, unyielding on quality and rooted in community.

Inspired by Eugene, Oregon's legendary coffee houses, they would offer only the finest quality beans and craft-roast them on site. Ed and Dan also understood coffee's power to foster connection among their customers. When people entered their shop, they would be greeted by its aroma and enveloped by a spirit of community.

That was 1987. Now, 25 years later, the passion Ed and Dan brought to the business endures as we continue to set the standard for quality and freshness in a way that no other coffee house chain has been able to match.

Our Passions


We like to refer to ourselves as the coffee company for those who care. After all, you can get coffee anywhere, but you have to seek out great coffee. And only Dunn Brothers sets the Bold Standard for quality. We source many of the world's finest single-origin coffees, and we custom-roast each varietal in small batches at most of our locations. “Bold” speaks to our exacting flavor criteria and “Standard” references our unwavering commitment to superior quality. We don't make coffee to be acceptable for the price – we make it exceptional for the price. That's why you simply can't buy fresher, better beans from a retail coffee house chain. Moreover, we apply this same philosophy across our businesses. This dedication to quality may prevent us from being the biggest, but it gives us a lock on being the best.

Connecting People

As much as we love coffee we believe our real business is connecting people – from our customers and franchisee business partners to our suppliers and growers. It's about creating relationships that are equitable and mutually beneficial, but it goes beyond responsible profitability; it's about earning the trust of all with whom we do business, and about holding up our end of the bargain. It doesn't mean we'll always agree on everything, but it does mean we're committed to honoring and respecting differences, and being transparent about why we feel the way we do.


Being who we are is important to us. We happily separate ourselves by doing things our way. It's why our stores reflect the individuals who own them and the communities they serve. It's why our traditional locations roast their coffee on site in small batches when it would be cheaper to truck it in vacuum-sealed from a central facility. Authenticity also explains why we source and sell some of the finest single-origin varietals, why our espresso is hand-drawn rather than auto-brewed, why we use two shots of espresso in our lattes, and why we train our baristas to create three distinct layers of foam with the steamed milk. There are easier, faster and less expensive ways to do things – but they all come with compromises. We believe staying true to what makes a local and authentic coffee house great, is the Bold Standard.


Unique among chain retail concepts, the Bold Standard represents a commitment to helping our stores build on their local ownership and community roots so that they can become true neighborhood assets. Over the years we have supported countless local and regional events and causes, including many local artists and musicians who display their talents in our shops every day. Our goal is to be a point of community connection, not just another chain retail establishment.

Our Values

Team Player

Working together and supporting each other toward our shared vision.

Success with humility and integrity

Passion and drive to evolve our company and grow in a positive way, that benefits all of our stakeholders - while being true to our humble beginnings and ethical soul.

Celebration of authenticity

Our commitment to being true to our core and being open and genuine in our pursuits and passions.

Passion for growth and positive change

We strive to grow, and with growth will always come change. We embrace this notion and continually strive to be better at what we do.

Caring attitude

Simple - do the right thing.